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Brendon Stewart
Revivalist Brendon Stewart
Vice President
Don Stewart Ministerial Association
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Bishop Johnson Ibodeme
Don Stewart Ministerial
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Don StewartWelcome to the Miracle Life Fellowship International also known as Don Stewart Ministerial Association.

Being a member of this ministerial association is more than just belonging to another ministers ’ fellowship or forum, this is largely a mentorship ministry

You get lifted up above your natural limit when you hook up with something bigger than you. When I was just starting out in ministry, I was very blessed to have the beloved evangelist A.A. Allen as my spiritual father and mentor. I continued under his apostolic covering until his death in 1970, when the mantle of his anointing was passed on to me. What I am today is due in large part to the apostolic covering of the anointing of Rev. Allen.

With God’s help, I have traveled to over 85 countries to conduct great miracle crusades with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, and countless testimonies of healing and deliverance. Out of these international crusades, more than a thousand churches has been birthed and established throughout the world. But it all started with the apostolic covering of anointing provided by a man of God.

As a member, you are placed under my apostolic anointing and the blessing of a "spiritual father" are passed down to you, just as Rev. Allen's were passed down to me. There's protection, healing and prosperity under the apostolic covering. It's like an Umbrella of blessings over your life.

It will be a honor to welcome you to this association

Apostle Don Stewart.
Tulsa, Oklahoma,

The Miracle Life Fellowship International also known as Don Stewart Ministerial Association is an International Church and Ministerial Association founded over fifty years ago in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America by Apostle Don Stewart

The membership of this association comprises of ministers and churches united by a common desire irrespective of denominational affiliation to preach the pure gospel of Jesus Christ in the full power of the Holy Ghost everywhere with signs and wonders confirming the word in Jesus Name.

This Ministerial Association is absolutely committed to preparing a generation of ministers who will manifest the character of Christ and minister the word of God in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of ministers including archbishops, bishops, apostles, missionaries, evangelist, pastors, elders and various other categories of Church workers have been licensed and ordained by this ministerial association.

Membership of the Don Stewart Ministerial Association is voluntary and you do not have to forfeit your membership in other associations

The Don Stewart Ministerial Association is one of the major great genealogy ministerial associations in the world. The spiritual heritage of this association is traced back to the world famous miracle man Evangelist A.A. Allen of blessed memory of the yester years healing revivals of the 20th century
Rev. A.A. Allen Founded the Miracle Revival Fellowship, an international Pentecostal fellowship of approximately 15,000 ministers and more than 400 churches. Upon his death in 1970 the mantle of his anointing and leadership fell on Evangelist Don Stewart

The Don Stewart Ministerial Association is a continuation of the legacy left to this generation by the late Rev. A.A. Allen through the apostolic anointing and covering of Apostle Don Stewart

Evangelist Don Stewart Ministering with his spiritual father and mentor Rev. A.A. Allen

REV. A.A. ALLEN 1911-1970
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Don Stewart

About Apostle Don Stewart

The story of Don Stewart's life and ministry is the story of a modern miracle

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